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Luke started his eBay business from home about 5 years ago
in his Dads basement at the lowest point of his life, and went from
$1 to $250,000 in sales on eBay in his 1st year. To date, he has now done over $1,000,000 in sales online.
  •  Over 50 Exclusive Hands On Instructional Videos & Detailed Documents ($2,997 Value)
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 Phone Flipping Academy Is Taught & Written By A Mastermind: 
You'll be learning from one of, if not the best solo Phone Flipper in the industry.  Luke consistently sells over $30,000-$50,000 per month flipping smartphones & electronics online, while making 20-50% profit margins on everything he buys and sells. 
  The Most Personalized Phone Flipping Course & The Most Accessible Coach On The Internet
No other course has as much 1 on 1 help offered directly from the course creator. Luke truly cares about his students and the content he puts in the course.  He offers UNMATCHED support for his students, giving 100% transparency through group & messaging support.  He dedicates his life to his course and coaching students to ensure they succeed.
 Over 50 Instructional Videos & Documents:
 All recorded & written by Luke, with over the shoulder step by step guides showing you his exact methods and how he flips phones every single day and how you can too!
 Exclusive Paid Facebook Group Access: This group has over 100 other students who have all taken the course, and are doing $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, with select students doing $50,000 a month flipping phones.  The paid phone flipping group is your Network for success.  If you have any questions, or problems, or need help with the course, every paid member that is having success is in this group! On top of that, Luke is available in the group to help anyone who needs it... WOW! 

This also includes live weekly webinar group chats, where students get together with Luke, live online, and we talk about setting goals,  do role-play customer calls,  talk about advertising, updates to the phone business,  problem solving and more. This paid Facebook group is a NETWORK of successful phone flippers and really gives people the advantage to succeed.
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Recent Student Testimonials
This 17 Year Old Kid Makes $16,000 In A Month And Pays Cash For BMW
Justin Made His First $10,000 Month Flipping Phones!
Hard Working 25 Year Old Pipeline Crew Man Justin Makes $8,000 His First Month Phone Flipping
Struggling 21 Year Old Actor Bob Wilcox Finds Success In Phone Flipping
eMore Student Testimonials
Joe Bruchis says:

I purchased Luke Deutschlander's coaching because I had reached a stagnant level with the other coaching available.
I needed some new and unique ideas to bring my flipping business to the next level. I went into the program with blind faith in Luke and I was pleasantly surprised. 

One idea Luke gave me allowed me to find some very valuable used and cracked devices for a small percentage of what I would normally pay for them. This immediately increased my sales volume and profit level. In addition, Luke's course material contains many more unique ideas that only someone with many years experience in phone flipping could assemble. 

All in all, I must say Luke course & private group is an outstanding resource for new and fresh ideas. His unique ideas will make you more money immediately. Just one of his ideas has brought me enough increased profits in 3 days to pay for the course!
Bob Wilcox says:
I knew signing up with Luke would take me to a new level, but I wasn't sure I'd get to talk to him as much. I was way wrong, he responds to me almost right away whenever I have a question, or if I just need a little advice about this business. 

He' started out as my Mentor and now he feels like a friend, the support is there. I mean come on who offers that ? My customers are driving right to me, I have repeat customers constantly bringing me great deals. I'm about to hit 15,000 this month with little to no effort. 

All thanks to this guy. Can't say how glad I am, that I took action, and signed up!
Meet Luke Deutschlander...
' The Wolf Of Phone Flipping '
Luke started his eBay business from home about 5 years ago 
in his Dads basement at the lowest point of his life, and went from 
$1 to $250,000 in sales on eBay in his 1st year.  To date, he has now done over $1,000,000 in sales online.
He started with nothing, no rich parents and no ideal situations.

Always learning,  he has taken advantage of real life experience from his mentors from all industries of business, including millionaire online entrepreneurs, real estate gurus and local business owners. 

Being in his own business has afforded him the opportunity to travel, own two homes and multiple vehicles, as well as the freedom to create more business opportunities nationally.
With a desire to give back, Luke now wants to help others achieve the lifestyle that he has enjoyed.

 He startedThe Phone Flipping Academy and developed the ultimate course to help entrepreneurs of all ages have the same opportunity to make extra money and enjoy extra freedom in their lives.

He also started a free Youtube channel to educate others on living a very fulfilling lifestyle along with free phone flipping tips.

He wants everyone to win and doesn't like to see people struggle like he had for years before finding his freedom.

Luke's entire business model is laid out in the Phone Flipping Academy Course, giving you the blueprint it took him over 5 years to make and perfect.

So I want to share my story with you,
I was just an average guy.
5 years ago I was an obese (270 lbs), broke, miserable 20 year old with NO SOCIAL LIFE.  I even filed bankruptcy before turning age 24.
I lived in a room in my Dads basement for a while.  I lost everything.  I lost a good paying job, lost my brand new truck, and had countless other unfortunate things happen, even went to Jail. I hit an all time low.
My business now does over 30,000 a month in sales.   I traveled to over 15 cities around the country last year alone. I went to seminars by Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins & Tai Lopez for the 1st time this year and hang with some of the most influential people of my life.

Now I don't post any of this to brag, I say this to motivate you, and tell you that no matter where you are in life, YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE.

In 3 years, your whole LIFE can change.  I think to myself what would have happened if I just wrote down my goals sooner, when I was 18? Where would I be at right now?

One day I just decided to start writing down goals for my future. I wrote a plan for the next 5 years, then a plan for life.
I began reading and learning. I READ 100 books in the last 5 years. Then I started the business of Flipping Phones in 2014 which has blown up just in the last 5 years.
BONUS - You Will Also Receive...
Instructional Documents, Advertising and Marketing showing you how to generate more phone leads than you can handle, while teaching you how to buy items at a discounted cost that allows you to make huge profits. All videos are shot in high definition video and audio, so you can clearly see and understand everything you NEED TO KNOW!
A Mentor & Instructional Videos From A-Z   The picture in the right is just a sneak peak of over 24 hours of uploaded Phone Flipping Content. This course offers crucial information on how to be successful in the phone flipping industry.  With information geared towards beginners and advanced users,  you  are sure to learn something new and excel in the phone flipping academy.

Luke cares about his clients and makes sure he is accessible nearly 24/7 on Facebook and in the paid Facebook group. He will guide you from your first sale on Ebay, flipping Smartphones and electronics, all the way up to $30,000 + a month. He has you covered every step of the way and will make sure you win in this business!
Exclusive paid Facebook group access and unlimited one on one answers and help from Luke himself. You can't loose when you've got an expert in your back pocket every step of the way!
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However at this point in time everyone who has signed up for phone flip academy has made back their investment x10 or more.